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What do we offer?


Explainer video


2D Animations


Animations for social media


Animations for events

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Our projects

What is the process of creating animations?

Step 01


A solid brief is crucial to a project's success. We expertly execute client plans and offer guidance to those needing support.

Step 02


We brainstorm ideas for your business goals, narrative direction and work schedule. We prepare the artistic concept, script, and animation plan and submit for your approval.

Step 03


After the script is approved, we create a storyboard of scenes with corresponding sketches. We then determine the animation's final style and design and develop the graphics.

Step 04


Our animation team brings the project to life by animating individual scenes in line with the agreed script and narrative.

Step 05


We select music and sound design and add voice-over if needed. Upon approval, we render the animation in specified formats and deliver it to you.

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