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Amazon A+ Content: How to Increase Sales on Amazon


Ever wonder why some brands on Amazon have beautiful product pages complete with personalised design and imagery? If you sell on Amazon and want to optimise your conversion rates and boost sales, read on!

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a special feature available to verified sellers. It allows you to add up to 7 extra modules to your listing. By creating a product page in Amazon A+ Content, instead of a dull small-font description, you can build a visually appealing product page. In A+, you can add more than the standard 7 photos, as well as graphics, close-ups and videos. Amazon A+ Content is mobile-friendly and integration with Alexa enables voice search.

How to increase sales on Amazon?

To optimise your Amazon sales, you need to grab customers' attention. According to Amazon itself, products with A+ Content sell 10% better than standard listings. With A+ content, you can show visitors more about your offer:
  • graphics and rich descriptions will help customers make informed purchases
  • charts comparing your product against competitors’ will increase conversion
  • high-quality videos (720p and up to 5GB) will engage buyers more efficiently
  • A+ Content will help with positioning and SEO
  • the FAQ module will offer more product and transaction details
  • linking related products will enhance your offer and increase sales


Who can use Amazon A+ Content?

A+ Content is free, but available only to professional sellers who are the brand owners verified by Amazon. The Amazon Brand Registry offers great value to sellers in way of protecting against counterfeits, allowing them to report inaccuracies and helping build brand awareness. Once you are registered, you start can creating the A+ Content within your approved product catalogue.

How to create Amazon A+ Content?

Preparing effective Amazon A+ content requires effort and creativity. Sale optimization will be possible only if the product description is catchy, easy to read and pretty to look at. Select the right product category and add high-res images, high-quality videos and expert graphics to your page. It will make it look professional.

Before creating the product page, try and define your ideal customer and the problems your product solves. How? Check out the competition – see how other sellers present their products. You can also seek help from professionals who know how to showcase the product in the best possible way.

How to craft a good product description?

Invest in good copywriting. Nobody will read convoluted texts, especially online! Make sure to include a short intro and punchy bullet points and divide everything into sections with precise headings. To persuade buyers, your text should be concise, clear and direct. Start with the key product features, always keeping in mind what buyers are searching for. Appeal to the problems that your product solves and the emotions it can evoke.

Any direct tips from Amazon?

Do not include special characters and trademark symbols in your Amazon product description. Do not use links that take buyers to other pages. Make sure that your photos, graphics and videos have appropriate resolutions. Banners are a good idea as they separate the text, making it easier to read and creating a pleasant user experience.


Amazon A+ Content is a great option for verified sellers. The richer type of content helps the product stand out with longer and prettier descriptions and additional graphic and video elements. Amazon A+ Content increases brand visibility, improves sales, and builds customer trust. Creating Amazon A+ content requires work and often good marketing and graphic design support.

Need help from professionals? Let us know! At Linkvisuals, we can prepare professional Amazon A+ Content for your product, saving you time and boosting sales.

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