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Branded Video Content Using Stock Footage: Is It Possible?

Video Production

Can a good marketing video be made using stock footage? Find out if it is possible to create video content using pre-made shots and when it is not worth doing so. Curious about what Chat GPT thinks about this topic? Keep reading!

Effective Video Marketing

Videos are the foundation of modern marketing, and promotional videos can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Video content improve positioning, but they are difficult to produce - after all, creating a decent marketing video requires time, a good team, and a suitable location. And this costs money.

Effective video marketing must be based on engaging, original content, as well as a concise presentation of the topic. Depending on the industry, producing it may be too difficult or even impossible - due to a lack of budget, skills, or access to the right scenery. Of course, for professional film agencies, this is not a problem, but can we replace their work with royalty-free footage?


Producing Video Content Using Stock Footage

There is no shortage of stock footage websites, and they offer a variety of clips. Their style and quality vary, but this diversity is a big benefit of stock videos. An ad including scenes from all over the world can be quickly put together without you ever leaving your desk.

Okay, so your stock footage video is ready. Quickly, cheaply, and including a variety of shots. Is that enough to attract the attention of your audience and increase your company's sales?

Why Invest in Professional Video Content?

If you have a good eye and plenty of ideas, you can create an interesting video on any topic by editing stock footage. But what if you want to use your own internal content? Like product shots, customer or employee testimonials? Or if you want a fresh perspective from a possible client's point of view?

When it comes to stock footage, personalization can be difficult. Many companies may use the same scenes. Like in the case of Rebecca Givens, the most famous non-famous stock model appearing worldwide in ads for language schools, toothpaste, or laxatives. If you are serious about your brand image, think twice before relying solely on stock footage.

Well-Made Corporate Video

When you hire a professional, you get an original product of high quality. A well-made branded video reflects the quality of your offering and can build your image. And for the image, quality outweighs quantity. Think about it, what offers greater value – a series of stock videos put together or a professionally prepared studio-quality corporate video?

So, are you stuck between editing ready-made footage by yourself or a paying for a high-budget video agency project? Not necessarily! You can pay professionals to create your video content using stock footage! They have enough experience to know where to find the best shots, colour correct, add typography and branding, and create suitable motion design. This way, your stock footage video can look professional and meet its commercial goals.

Marketing Video Production: What Does Chat GPT Think?

For emphasis, we asked Chat GPT about marketing video production and the use of stock footage. It confirmed that video content increases audience engagement, positively impacts reach and positioning, and can also contribute to increased sales. However, to be effective, it must meet certain conditions!

According to the famous AI, to create valuable video content using stock footage, it is necessary to select and edit it properly. Chat GPT also suggests maintaining visual consistency, using different shots, and adding audio elements to enrich the film and reinforce its message. And truthfully, these are the tasks that a professional film agency can handle best.

Effective Advertising Film Inspires Viewers

Good video content must capture the viewer's attention, convey the message, and reflect the brand image. For a marketing video to help your company, it must be of high quality. If you have experience in video production and boast a good eye, you can create an effective video using stock footage. The clips used must be of excellent quality, and the editing should look professional.

A video content promoting your business should inspire the viewer and evoke emotions. If you are unsure how best to achieve this goal for your product or service, trust a professional film agency with this task.

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